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  Zhejiang JFE Shoji Steel Products Co.,Ltd., or former name of Zhejiang Kawaden Steel Products (called “KSZ” ), is a Sino-Japanese joint venture company which was founded in 1994, located in the economic development zone of Pinghu city, Zehjiang province, with superior geographical advantage in transportation and logistics. Being located to the west of Shanghai, the north of Hangzhou, and the south of Suzhou, it takes only one hour by automobile to these major cities in Hua Dong area, and only 15km away from Port of Zhapu, which is a key port of east coast of China. Driving through the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the longest bridge in the world, we can reach to Ningbo within one hour.

  KSZ’s registered capital is US$2,395.6million, with the total investment of US$5,076.2million. KSZ is a subsidiary company of JFE Shoji Trade Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, which is the main trading company of JFE Steel group, one of the largest steel mill in the world. KSZ now owns total of 65,000m2of land and 45,000m2of factory buildings, and became the largest steel processing center in Hua Dong Province, with most advanced equipments.

  KSZ can supply various form and type of steel products, such as hoops, sheets and lamination for motors and transformers, with electrical steel, cold rolled steel, electro galvanized steel, stainless steel, and tin plate etc.. In recent years, KSZ has been focusing on Stamping business. The company has 23 stamping machines (25ton – 300 ton press machines), two continuous annealing lines, and an aluminum die-casting line. As for Motor Lamination, KSZ can supply various type of motor lamination, such as compressor motors for Air Conditioners and Refrigerator, Automobile Use and Power Tooling etc. with more than 80 die tooling sets.

 KSZ has established strict quality control system and obtained certification of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS16949:2009.

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